Route – The King of Tales | BAYERN, GERMANY
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Route – The King of Tales | BAYERN, GERMANY

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Route - The King of Tales

Places on this route:

  • Munich – Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Füssen – Pfronten
  • Hopfensee
  • Forggensee
  • Deutsche Alpenstraße
  • Munich

Do you really know the homeland of King Louis of Bavaria? its mountains, its lakes, its palaces and castles? If so, you can relax and enjoy this route. If not, it’s time for you to get to know these places. Let’s take a tour of the real land, which today is still fascinating with incredible landscapes like something out of a fairy tale.

Ludwig succeeded to the throne in 1864, aged 18. Two years later, Bavaria and Austria fought a war against Prussia lasting only a matter of weeks, which they lost. However, in the Franco- Prussian War of 1870, Bavaria sided with Prussia against France, and after the Prussian victory, it became part of the new German Empire.

Description of the route

The route consists of 180 km and can be done in 5 hours. On the route you can find gas stations, bars and restaurants, as well as many places where you can take impressive photos. so you can ride without worries.

The route has lakes where you can swim from May, as well as paddle and pedal boat.

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“his route is easy to do but very entertaining because it has many sites to see in addition to many curves, we recommend it for all types of drivers from beginners to experts…”

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Description of the route

  • BMW R 1250 GS
  • BMW R 1250 GS ADV
  • BMW F 750 GS
  • BMW R 1200 GS ADV
  • BMW R 80 GS
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Beginner, Medium and Expert Drivers Level

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1.- Neuschwanstein Castle and Füssen

The historical core of the old trading town of Füssen also looks like it came from the Middle Ages, directly below the High Castle. Magnificent illusion paintings on splendidly restored half-timbering inspire every visitor and get us in the perfect mood for the legacy of King Ludwig II., Germany’s only real fairy tale king. Ludwig’s father discovered the “Schwanstein” ruin on a hike and decided to purchase it and rebuild it as a “Hohenschwangau” summer residence. Right across the street, just a stone’s throw away, on a rugged rock, Ludwig left his monument in 1868, Build his monumental romantic vanishing point in the style of an old German knight’s castle – his “Neuschwanstein”. A breathtaking sight in every season.

2.- Pfronten

The lovely town of Pfronten in the heart of the Allgäu is already two thousand years old. However, you can hardly tell by looking at him. Created at the bottom of an iceTemporary glacial lake, the history of the rural community is shaped by hard rural life and a favorable location on the edge of important trade routes over the Reschen Pass. So it came about that the Pfrontner carters even delivered their goods as far as Venice. Nowadays the contemplative town lives from tourism and offers to the traveler everything the heart desires.

3.- Hopfensee

With its area of 2 square kilometers, it belongs to the city of Füssen, but with its west bank it borders on the community of Hopferau. The lake, which is quite shallow with a maximum depth of 10 m, is one of the most famous in the Füssen Lake District, mainly its northeastern shore with the idyllic spa town of Hopfen am See is perfectly developed for tourism. You can swim here from May, as well as rowing and pedal boating. But the lake is also popular with sailors and Windsurfers.

4.- Forggensee

The reservoir, which is also signposted as the Roßhaupten reservoir, is the fifth largest lake in Bavaria with a good 16 square kilometers. Its unique feature is that it is drained in winter and the lake bottom is then accessible. Then in some places remains of buildings are still visible, who have sunk in the floods of the Forggensee. Even traces of the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta then reappear. In summer, the lake is a very popular local recreation area with all water sports and its own Forggensee shipping.

5.- Deutsche Alpenstraße

As early as 1927, plans began to connect Lake Constance and Berchtesgadener Land with a continuous holiday route along the north side of the Alps. 5 years later, the “German Touring Club” started with the implementation. Today, over 80 years later the project is still not completed, but one A fully signposted, 450- kilometer route connects everyone Highlights from the Swabian Sea to the Berchtesgaden peaks together. And thus establishes one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany.


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